Vehicle Design and Development

Responder-Rescue-Ambulance-by-MOTO-Marketing-Group Pokemon-Vehicle-Wrap-by-MOTO-Marketing-Group Pokemon-Vehicle-Wrap-2-by-MOTO-Marketing-Group Donkey-Kong-Wrap-by-MOTO-Marketing-Group Zip-Express-Car-2-by-MOTO-Marketing-Group Vehicle-Wrap-2-by-MOTO-Marketing-Group Pole-Position-Vehicle-Wrap-by-MOTO-Marketing-Group Pole-Position-Vehicle-Wrap-2-by-MOTO-Marketing-Group Pace-Vehicle-Wrap-by-MOTO-Marketing-Group Old-Spice-Vehicle-Wrap-by-MOTO-Marketing-Group Michelob-Vehicle-Wrap-by-MOTO-Marketing-Group Mile-277-Motorcycle--by-MOTO-Marketing-Group Tramp-Stamp-Gear-Trailer-by-MOTO-Marketing-Group Coastal-Carriers-Trailer-11-by-MOTO-Marketing-Group Coastal-Carriers-Trailer-8-by-MOTO-Marketing-Group Coastal-Carriers-Trailer-7-by-MOTO-Marketing-Group Coastal-Carriers-Trailer-3-by-MOTO-Marketing-Group Sprouts-Trailer-Design-and-Fulfillment-by-MOTO-Marketing-Group Budweiser-Vehicle-Wrap-by-MOTO-Marketing-Group Budweiser-Vehicle-Wrap-9-by-MOTO-Marketing-Group Budweiser-Vehicle-Wrap-7-by-MOTO-Marketing-Group Budweiser-Vehicle-Wrap-5-by-MOTO-Marketing-Group Vehicle-Wrap-by-MOTO-Marketing-Group Bud-Light-Trailer-Wrap-by-MOTO-Marketing-Group XG-Ad-Boat-2-by-MOTO-Marketing-Group Budweiser-Boat-Wrap2-by-MOTO-Marketing-Group Seebold-Boat-Wrap-2--by-MOTO-Marketing-Group Budweiser-Boat-Wrap-by-MOTO-Marketing-Group Boat-Wrap-by-MOTO-Marketing-Group Australian-Gold-by-MOTO-Marketing-Group swedish-boat-by-MOTO-Marketing-Group Sweedish-Beauty-Truck-by-MOTO-Marketing-Group Budweiser-Vehicle-Wrap-2-by-MOTO-Marketing-Group Budweiser-Vehicle-Wrap-10-by-MOTO-Marketing-Group Ad-Oasis-Vehicle-Wrap-by-MOTO-Marketing-Group

Vehicle Design & Development

MOTO Marketing Group, formerly XG-ad, set the standards when full color vinyl graphic printing and wraps first came on the scene in the late 90’s. Most artist had no idea how to make a Brand look as good in it's printed promotional pieces and make it work on a 50-ft trailer. Today there are tons of vinyl wrap shops and most are crap with low end designers if any at all.

We can wrap, inflate, blow-up and custom design pretty much anything you can imagine. These days we pride ourselves on working within the client’s tighter budgets and still create spectacular Branded Vehicles at a much lower final cost using a variety of vinyl and techniques.

Whether it’s a trade show booth, a rock star’s tour bus or your old work truck, our experience and long-time partnerships with key vendors in the industry lets us produce Brand Images that will leave a lasting image in your consumers' mind and have them talking about your Brand.

Once your vehicle has been designed and print production art files have been completed properly, MOTO Marketing Group can handle the vinyl printing and application by working with one of our local vendors or we can send the production art to a printer/applicator of your choice. We have some great teams we work with and also have worked with shops around the U.S.A. on producing Award Winning Vehicle and Exhibit Design!