Titan Foundations Web and Design Package

Titan-Foundations-Logo-by-MOTO-Marketing-Group Titan-Foundations-Booklet-by-MOTO-Marketing-Group Titan-Foundations-Website2-by-MOTO-Marketing-Group Titan-Foundations-Illustration-Ad-by-MOTO-Marketing-Group Titan-Foundations-Google-Plus-by-MOTO-Marketing-Group Titan-Foundations-Facebook-Setup-by-MOTO-Marketing-Group Titan-Foundations-Facebook-Ad-2-by-MOTO-Marketing-Group Titan-Foundations-Facebook-2-by-MOTO-Marketing-Group Titan-Foundations-Business-Card-by-MOTO-Marketing-Group

Titan Foundations

MOTO Marketing Group was the one stop shop to get Titan Foundations in New Jersey’s Brand updated and out to the masses. The logo already had equity and was done nicely enough that we had the client stick with it and concentrated on what color and imagery would work best with a re-brand. We chose an actual photo of the Radar Screen During Hurricane Sandy to be the color scheme and base look of the entire brand.

We developed a completely new WordPress website and branded print promotional informational items. The next step was to set up the company email, social media pages and all online web information correctly so we could start running both Google Ads and Facebook Ads. The Social Media included Branding and populating a Facebook, Google+ and Youtube business page professionally and correctly. The new website and all social media pages were then set up to work seamlessly with each other and Google Analytics.

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