Kevin Pyles

Kevin Pyles

My art career started in grade school where I first used my skills to paint murals on the walls instead of going to class. All through school I preferred the art, drafting. photography, journalism and any other creative type courses not involving too much math. When time came to make a choice on a career I received my Applied Science of Advertising Design and Commercial Art Degree. I immediately was hired as an Art Director in 1989 and also started doing design and marketing business of my own around St. Louis and the Lake of the Ozarks for the first 3 years.

In 1993 I was hired as a Creative Director at the first agency I ever applied to, Gray Communications and Marketing. Gray was a African American owned agency and most of the work was ethnic Anheuser- Busch Marketing when I first started. After 3 years I had helped move the company up into the General Market A-B projects including the Budweiser Brands and increased yearly billing by over 4 times what it was when I started. That is when I decided it was time to make a move and develop an agency of my own. In 1997 I founded a small boutique shop called Xtreme Graphix and quickly developed it into XG-ad, A World Class Full Service Advertising, Design and Marketing Agency.

For over a decade my agency would create some of the most iconic brands and advertisements to ever come out of Anhueser-Busch, as well as many other World Wide Products and Brands. XG-ad was a complete full service agency with 28 employees and over 3 million a year in revenue at its highest point. After In-Bev’s takeover of AB, XG-ad was chosen as one of the 6 from 36 agencies to carry on with the new foreign owners and their way of doing business. When all was said and done, the only brands we were awarded were the same Malt Liquor Ethnic Marketing Brands that I had first started working on at Gray Communications and a new yearly budget that was not even enough to stay open for a month. I did everything possible to stay afloat, trying to find new business adventures and spending most of my personal savings. Bottom line was XG-ad was just as over inflated as Anheuser-Busch and most of the World was at that time and impossible for me downsize into a workable business model. I decided to cut ties to all partners, close the doors, go back in time and extremely downsize to the ways that I first started, with me in my basement studio figuring out the best design solution for each client’s problem and personally helping them solve it.

About the MOTO Marketing Group

The MOTO Marketing Group is basically me (KP) as Creative Director and Justin Kussman and Chief Media Developer. Although we each wear several hats and can handle almost any Design, Print or Media project that comes our way in house, I also work with a select few other talented individuals when needed and many types of printers and manufacturers for all other fulfillment needs.

After 30 years in this business there is nothing that I have not worked on in several industries around the World and no project is too big or too small... We work with clients on a by project basses, as well as, monthly retainers and provide them with quality Design, Print and Media Services that normally would take an expensive agency full of talent to complete. Why hire a bunch of agency people that you don’t need all of the time or even 1 full time person that alone can not fulfill all of today’s design and marketing needs when we can work with you on a yearly budgeted marketing plan that is both more affordable and successful.

My new MOTO Marketing Group business model has no expenses, no rent, no full time employees, no health care plans, absolutely nothing to add to the cost. My house, vehicles and all of the equipment we use is paid for. I also am single with no kids or responsibilities and with the All New MOTO Home, can be anywhere in the country at the drop of a dime.  So, even if you do know of another creative director or small agency with 50 years of combined experience, they most likely are unable to compete with our cost and effectiveness.

Currently I am looking for 1-4 monthly retainer clients to replace a couple we have parted ways with this past year. We can develop a plan to fit your budget and marketing needs starting from $1,000 to $4,000 a month, with only space available for a maximum of $6k for 2019. So, if your interested in getting your Brand, Event or Business’ marketing professionally dialed in for the new year take a look at the all new 2019 website coming soon or please contact me right here in a message!